NCERT Class 12 English Chapter 16 The Enemy

NCERT Class 12 English Chapter 16 The Enemy Solutions to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters NCERT Class 12 English Chapter 16 The Enemy and select need one. NCERT Class 12 English Chapter 16 The Enemy Question Answers Download PDF. NCERT English Class 12 Solutions.

NCERT Class 12 English Chapter 16 The Enemy

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Also, you can read the NCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Book guidelines. CBSE Class 12 English Solutions are part of All Subject Solutions. Here we have given NCERT Class 12 English Chapter 16 The Enemy Notes, NCERT Class 12 English Textbook Solutions for All Chapters, You can practice these here.

Chapter: 16




Q. 1. Why did Hana wash the wounded soldier herself?

Ans. Hana knows that the man is an enemy and he is the prisoner of war. He belongs to the U.S. Navy. She is well aware that sheltering an enemy can put them in severe danger. She asks her maid Yumi to bring warm water and wash him but she declines. Since the blood of humanity and obedience to her husband compel her to do the needful.

Q. 2. What will Dr. Sadao do to get rid of the man?


How was the plan of the prisoner’s escape executed in the story, “The Enemy”?

Ans. Dr. Sadao was a man of considerate nature. He had given lease of life to the wounded enemy soldier at the risk of his life. Instead of killing him after treatment, Dr. Sadao arranged for a boat, food and clothing to send the enemy back to the nearby island. The man took the Korean boat and escaped to freedom.

 Q. 3. Who was Dr. Sadao? Where was his house?

Ans. Dr. Sadao Hoki was a famous Japanese surgeon and scientist. He was famous for his art of healing the wounds. He went to America for learning surgery and medicine. He was working on a discovery which would totally clear the wounds. But milk of humankind rolled in his veins. He lived in a house built on the Japanese coast. His square stone house was set upon rock above a narrow beach. The beach was outlined with bent pines.

Q. 4. Will Dr. Sadao be arrested on the charge of harbouring an enemy?

Ans. It was the time when Japan was at war with America. It was against the laws to shelter an enemy as Dr. Sadao had sheltered an enemy soldier but he can’t be arrested and punished for harbouring the enemy. It would not happen since his servants did not disclose the secret to the police. Even Dr. Sadao had told every thing to the old General but he went on sleeping over the matter. He was not at all in a mood to lose the precious services of an expert surgeon.

Q. 5. What will Dr. Sadao and his wife do with the man?

Ans. Dr. Sadao and his wife Hana have brought the wounded soldier in the house. Due to humanity, they operate and treat his wounds. Even the servants refuse to keep and threaten to leave their house but Hana is reluctant to help them. She assures the soldier not to afraid. She serves him cooked food and feeds him by herself. They keep him for a fortnight and did their best to save the enemy soldier.

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