How to be Invisible PDF Book

How to be Invisible PDF Book – This book is dedicated to an anonymous member of Spain’s Secret Police. On January 27, 1960, during a brief encounter on a quiet back street in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, I asked him for advice on how best to avoid any problems in the land of Generalissimo Francisco Franco. The advice he gave me has served me well for more than fifty years. He said there was only one way to avoid trouble with the authorities.

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How to be Invisible PDF Book

Title Page
A Note to Readers
Preface: What’s Changed, and What Stays the Same

  • How This Book Can Make You Invisible
  • Separate Your Name from Your Home Address
  • When Is a “Lie” Not a Lie?
  • Mailboxes, Public and Private
  • How to Obtain Your Own “Ghost” Address
  • Repairmen, Home Deliveries, FedEx, UPS
  • Untraceable Trash, Anonymous Utilities
  • Your Social Security Number and Date of Birth
  • Your Alternate Names and Signatures
  • Landline Telephones and Answering Machines
  • Smartphones, Dumbphones, Pagers
  • E-mail and the Internet
  • How to Locate a Trustworthy Nominee
  • Bank Accounts and Money Transfers
  • New Mexico Limited Liability Companies
  • Hidden Ownership of Vehicles and Real Estate
  • Laptop Computers
  • The Dangers of Facebook Are Real
  • The Art of Pretexting, aka Social Engineering
  • Secret Spaces, Hidden Places
  • How to Secretly Run a Home-Based Business
  • The Dangers of Facial Recognition
  • Ten Additional Privacy Tips
  • How to Disappear and Never Be Found
  • Cool Stuff That Did Not Fit in Earlier
  • Considering a Move to Another Country?
  • International Privacy 101
  • A Sad Story, a Secret, and a Few Predictions


One day you can be on the top of the world; the next day you can be in hell. One of Wiley Miller’s Non-Sequitur cartoon strips is titled “LEGAL MUGGING.” It shows a businessman on the sidewalk of a dark street with his hands in the air. A sign on a post reads:


Stepping from a narrow alley is a lawyer wearing a stocking cap, dark glasses, and holding out a legal document. “This is a frivolous lawsuit,” says the attorney to his victim. “You can either spend years and thousands of dollars defending yourself, or we can settle out of court right now.”

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