Biography of Tarun Gogoi

The late Tarun Gogoi is the golden chapter of a character in Assam’s politics. The late Tarun Gogoi is the longest serving minister in the history of Assam by taking over as chief minister at the darkest time in its history. He was one of the most popular political leaders in Assam not only as chief minister of the people but till the end of his life. The late Tarun Gogoi was a leading leader of the Indian National Congress party. He took over as chief minister of Assam from 2001 to 2016. 

Biography of Tarun Gogoi

Biography of Tarun Gogoi

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NameTarun Gogoi[1]
Date of Birth1 April ,1936
Place of BirthRangajan Tea Garden, Jorhat, Assam
ParentsLate Dr. Kamleshwar Gogoi(Father), Ukha Gogoi (Mother)
EducationPrimary Education : Rangajan Lower Buniyadi School. 

Collage : Jagannath Baruah College. (J. B College)

L.L.B   : Guwahati University
Spouse NameDolly Gogoi
SonGourav Gogoi
DaughterChandrima Gogoi
Political PartyIndian National Congress
AwardsPadma Bhushan
Death23 November, 2020 (84 year’s)

Personal Information

On April 1, 1936, the late Tarun Gogoi was born in an Ahom family at Rangajan Tea Garden in Jorhat district. His father’s name is late Dr° Kamleswar Gogoi and his mother’s name is Usha Gogoi. Tarun Gogoi completed his childhood education from Rangajan Namna(Lower) Basic School, Bholguri High School and passed the high school education examination from Jorhat Government Higher Secondary and Bahumukhi Boys School. He then graduated in arts from Jagannath Baruah College and a bachelor’s degree in law (L.L.B) from Guwahati University. He made a career debut as a lawyer in the Assam Bar Council. He held the post of chairman of Assam Small – Scale Industries Development Corporation.

The late Tarun Gogoi tied up his knot with Dolly Gogoi on July 30,1972. They have two children. A son and a daughter. His son’s name is Gaurav Gogoi who is currently an MP from Koliyabar Lok Sabha constituency and his daughter’s name is Chandrima Gogoi.

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Tarun Gogoi started his political journey in 1968 as a member of Jorhat Municipality. He then joined the Indian National Congress party and contested the Jorhat constituency for the Indian National Congress party in the fifth Lok Sabha elections in 1971. He won the first Lok Sabha election of his contested life and served in Delhi as an MP. 

In addition to winning the 1976 Lok Sabha elections as an MP, the late Tarun Gogoi  also served as joint secretary of the Indian National Congress Committee for the first time. For his own working and political prudence and as a result of the embrace of the people of Jorhat, he was also elected to the Lok Sabha in 1977 and 1983. The late Tarun Gogoi was a favourite of former Prime Ministers of India Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Devoid(pure) character Late Tarun Gogoi became popular among the workers who was re-appointed joint national secretary of the All India National Congress Committee in 1983 and national general secretary in 1985 as the leader of the Indian National Congress Party. For his own skills late Tarun Gogoi then served as union minister of various departments. Among them, from 1991 to 1993. In Chief Minister P. V Narasimharao’s cabinet served as independent minister of state for food and independent minister of state for food processing from 1993 to 1995. In the meantime, he served as president of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee from 1968 to 1990. Tarun Gogoi, although due to his own skills won the Lok Sabha elections 1998 and 1999 in Koliyabar constituency, Yet in the late nineties he became more focused on state politics. When the Congress party government was formed in Assam in May 2001, the party allowed the late Tarun Gogoi to take over as chief minister. Then the late Tarun Gogoi stepped down as Lok Sabha MP and he took over as chief minister of Assam and was elected to the Assam assembly in October that year as MLA from Titabar constituency. 

The late Tarun Gogoi then served efficiently as the thirteenth Chief Minister of the state for a decade and a half in a row. The late Tarun Gogoi, who has been an MLA since his tenure as chief minister, was elected as MLA four times (2001,2006,20011,2016) from his home constituency Titabar assembly constituency. The veteran politician also served in the Assam Assembly as an MLA from Margherita constituency from 1996 to 1998.

The late Tarun Gogoi made the construction of modern Assam possible with the use of politics as a banyan tree of Assam politics. Assam was almost devastated in all directions when he took over as chief minister. But in view of all these challenges, the late Tarun Gogoi made the dying Assam a forward state in all directions. His name will shine forever in golden letters on the history of Assam for his outstanding contributions to Assamese.


Tarun Gogoi’s first achievement of good governance is to free the state of the state from the situation of assassination and to free the brotherhood between alpha-sulpha from the situation of conflict. In the past, if the general public criticized or raised their voice against government corruption the assassin was killed. There was an atmosphere of fear all over the state and the state residents got rid of this crisis by taking charge of the late Tarun Gogoi. He then regularised the salaries to government employees who have not been paid for months. The late Tarun Gogoi himself took over the finance portfolio and stabilized the economy of Assam which was destroyed during the previous government. Brought down the burden of debt on the people of the state. Revived the dead industry in the state. The cooperatives that have contributed immensely to the state economy are also credit of the late Tarun Gogoi. He also gave a new dimension to the tourism industry in Assam through a number of schemes. The main achievement of the home portfolio in his hands is to restore peace in the land of Bodoland in the face of violence. Under his leadership, the big militant outfit a large extremist organization Bielte weaponized and returned to the mainstream and signed a detailed agreement with the then Union Home Minister Lal Krishna Advani. As a result, peace prevails in Bodoland, the blood of violence. Minister Anjan Dutta, led by the late Tarun Gogoi, also revived the state’s dead transport industry. The health department was also sophisticatedly decorated under his rule. National Rural Health Scheme , Death Plan, Appointment of Thousands of Asha Workers , Health Worker Doctors etc, the health department was made the first line in the country at that time during his rule. In addition, during his second term, the state education department was also radically transformed. During this period it was trying to address the problems of the education sector in the state by implementing very effective schemes like appointment of TET teachers, increased infrastructure grants in schools etc. During his tenure Anandaram Baruah Award was successful in popularizing computer education by distributing laptops among school children. Under his rule the department of horticulture had decorated the dilapidated roads of the state in nine forms. It was during his rule that the horticulture department set a record of constructing lakhs of kilometers of roads and thousands of bridges in the state. During the tenure of late Tarun Gogoi, the doors of government appointments were opened in all government departments which resulted in lakhs of unemployed employment in the state and relief to the state residents from the wake of the dreaded unemployment problems. Which gave a lot of poor families access to pucca houses. During his second term, a group of militant Alpha, in Assam, (restrain/awarded) the weapons in 2007.


The veteran politician died of a corona on November 23, 2020 at 5.34 pm after completing an 84-year-old racial chapter in state politics. All the people of the state are saddened by the demise of the late Tarun Gogoi, who can make everyone stand by the common way of life and laughter. The work of this man in Assam politics, who has never lost the election run, will remain eternal in the history of Assam politics.


1. When and where was Tarun Gogoi born?

Ans: He was born on 1 April ,1936 at Rangajan Tea Garden, Jorhat, Assam.

2. Who is the longest serving Chief minister of Assam?

Ans: Late Tarun Gogoi is the longest serving chief minister of Assam.

3. When did Tarun Gogoi won Padma Bhushan Award?

Ans: He won Padma Bhushan Award India’s third highest civilian honour in 2021.

4. When did Tarun Gogoi died and in what age?

Ans: Tarun Gogoi died on November 23, 2020 at the age of 84.

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