Devi Pdf Book (দেৱী) by Dr. Nirmalprabha Bardoloi

Devi Pdf Book (দেৱী) A critical study of the Sakti Cult with special reference to the Sakta Wave in Assam by Dr. Nirmalprabha Bardoloi Head of the Deptt. Assamese, Guwahati University and published by Sahitya-Prakash Tribune Buildings Guwahati.  The book was first published in the year 1986.

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Devi Pdf Book (দেৱী) by Dr. Nirmalprabha Bardoloi
দেৱী by Dr. Nirmalprabha Bardoloi

Devi Pdf Book (দেৱী) by Dr. Nirmalprabha Bardoloi

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Book Details

  • Name – Devi (দেৱী)
  • Author – Dr. Nirmalprabha Bardoloi
  • Genre –  Novel
  • Year of Publishing – 1995
  • Edition – 3rd
  • Total Pages – 580 (in the PDF)

 যদি আপোনাৰ এই প্ৰবন্ধটো পঢ়ি ভাল লাগিছে তেন্তে অনুগ্ৰহ কৰি review দিবলৈ নাপাহৰিব। আপুনি এই কিতাপখন Devlibrary eBook Platform ত পায় যাব।  আপুনি আপোনাৰ কম্পিউটাৰ, মোবাইল ফোন, tablet ত সহজে পঢ়িব পাৰিব একেবাৰে বিনামূল ধ্যানবাদ।

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