Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 1 The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

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Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 1 The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

Also, you can read the SCERT Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 1 The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse All Be Together” book Notes online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per AHSEC (SCERT) Book guidelines. Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 1 The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Notes are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 1 The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here.

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

Chapter: 1




1. You will probably agree that this story does not have breathless adventure and exciting action . Then what in your opinion makes it interesting ? 

Ans . The story of the two young Armenian boys is definitely interesting despite the absence of any exciting action or adventure . It is the theme , and development to its subtle climax , that makes it interesting It reveals the natural urge of children for fun and adventure . The two poor young Armenian boys take riding lessons on a horse that one has temporarily stolen from a farmer . The way they ju fy the stealing is very amusing and speaks of their innocence . The reader is also awed at the honesty and integrity of the boys when they return the horse , without anyone finding out just to uphold their family pride ( 100 words approx ) 

2 . Did the boys return the horse because they were conscience stricken or because they were afraid ? 

Ans . Aram and Mourad spent every morning riding a horse that Mourad had stolen from a farmer . The boys , however , belonged to the Garoghlanian family of an Armenian tribe , which was renowned for its honesty . Stealing , for them , was a matter of great shame . But , they innocently justified this theft because they stole to ride and not to make money . However , when they came face to face with its owner John Byro who could very well identify his horse , they suffered pangs of guilt . Byro did not accuse them of stealing because of their family reputation . Stricken by conscience at putting this reputation at stake , Aram and Mourad returned the horse the very next morning . ( 100 words approx ) 

3 . ” One day back there in the good old days when I was nine and the world was full of every imaginable kind of magnificence , and life was still a delightful and mysterious dream … ” The story begins in a mood of nostalgia . Can you narrate some incident from your childhood that might make an interesting story ? 

Ans . Once when I was in middle school and my sister in junior school , we went to a small town , where our father had some work . We stayed there for a few days of the summer vacation . Every afternoon , as the town slept , we went out to play in the garden . It was a rented accommodation with numerous indigenous fruit trees . We had never tasted those fruits in the city but longed to pluck them from the trees , probably because we had seen fruits only in stalls and not on trees ! Unable to restrain the urge , my sister plucked a ripe custard apple Proud at our achievement , we displayed it for all to see. Surprisingly , the owners were offended and complained to our father Plucking a ripe fruit from a tree did not amount to stealing in our judgement . They later understood that we had done it without any motive and showed us how to eat it ! ( 120 words approx ) 

4 . The story revolves around characters who belong to a tribe in Armenia . Mourad and Aram are members of the Garoghlanian family . Now locate Armenia and Assyria on the atlas and prepare a write – up on the Garoghlanian tribes . You may write about people , their names , traits , geographical and economic features as suggested in the story . 

Ans . ( This would be classroom activity Students will try to do it with the help of teachers ) 


LONG ANSWER TYPE ( Upto 100 Words ): 

1 . Give brief character sketches of Aram and Mourad highlighting their similarities and differences. 

Ans . Aram and Mourad were cousins , belonging to the Garoghlanian family renowned for its honesty and integrity . Mourad enjoyed living life to its fullest and dared to take risks if it meant adventure . He had a crazy streak in him . Aram was not as dashing and dynamic as Mourad . Both were young and passionate about riding and justified that they had not stolen the horse , but only borrowed it for a while . Mourad was a good rider and had great understanding with the horse while Aram being much younger was always thrown off . Both felt equally guilty after meeting Byro and returned the horse. They lived up to the family’s reputation . ( 98 words approx ) 

2 . Who stole the horse and why ? What made them finally return the horse ?

Ans . Mourad stole the horse from an Assyrian farmer He did not The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse steal it to make money ; rather it was due to his passion for riding . He and Aram lived their cherished dream every morning riding the horse in the open fields till the day they came across its owner Byro who could instantly identify his horse but said he did not doubt them as they belonged to a family renowned for honesty . The boys felt so guilt ridden at putting the family reputation at stake that the very next morning the horse was in Byro’s barn ( 100 words approx ) 

3. Give a brief description of Aram’s first ride on the horse . 

Ans . Mourad came to Aram’s house one early morning on a beautiful white horse and called him out for a ride . Startled and delighted , he climbed on to the horse behind Mourad and within minutes it began to trot . It felt wonderful to be on a running horse . Then Mourad raced the horse alone for some time across a field of dry grass and an irrigation ditch . When Aram sat to ride and kicked the horse , it began to run down the road to a vineyard and leaped over the vines throwing Aram off its back . ( 93 words approx ) 

SHORT ANSWER TYPE ( Upto 30 Words ) 

1. Comment on the nostalgic beginning of the story . 

Ans . The story is a fond recollection of the narrator’s childhood . The words ‘ good old days .. is suggestive of the magnificence and splendour of the world seen through the eyes of a child . 

2. When and why did Mourad come to Aram’s house ? 

Ans . Mourad came to Aram’s house early one morning on a beautiful white horse . He came to take Aram out for a ride as the latter was very fond of horses . 

3. What was Aram’s first reaction to the horse ? 

Ans . When Aram looked out of the window and saw Mourad sitting on a white horse he could not believe his eyes . He rubbed his eyes to make sure he was not dreaming.

4. What were the members of the Garoghlanian family proud of ? 

Ans . Despite being in abject poverty for centuries , the Garoghlanians were famous for their honesty and integrity and they took pride on it . Stealing was unheard of among them . 

5 . What was the narrator’s opinion of Mourad ? 

Ans . Aram admired Mourad’s zest for life and his daring He knew that Mourad enjoyed being alive more than anyone else and was passionate about horses . He had a temper and roared like Uncle Khosrove.

6. Describe Uncle Khosrove . 

Ans . Uncle Khosrove had a huge stature and thick black hair He even had the largest moustache in the entire valley . One hardly came across a man who was so irritable , ill tempered and impatient as Khosrove.

7. Why was the narrator both delighted and frightened at the sight of the horse ? 

Ans . Aram was delighted at the possibility of riding a horse which had been a dream . But , he was frightened at the thought that Mourad might have stolen it as he could never have bought a horse . 

8. How did Aram justify the act of stealing the horse ? 

Ans . Aram felt that stealing a horse for riding was not the same as stealing it for money . Both were obsessed about the horse and rode it every morning . They would never offer to sell it . 

9. Where did they hide the horse and why ? 

Ans . Mourad and Aram could not afford to get caught with the stolen horse . In order to keep it away from the eyes of others they hid it at a barn in a deserted vineyard . 

10 . Who was John Byro ? Why did he come to the narrator’s house ? 

Ans . John Byro was an Assyrian farmer who had learnt to speak Armenian . He came to the narrator’s house and told uncle Khosrove about his white horse that had been stolen a month before . He had not been able to trace it . 

11. What was Byro’s reaction when he met the boys along with the horse ? 

Ans . When Byro met Aram and Mourad with a white horse which apparently was his , he scrutinised it and even looked into his teeth . Yet , he was not ready to believe they had stolen it as they belonged to a family known for its honesty .

12. Was Mourad compassionate towards animals ? How do you know ? 

Ans . Yes , Mourad was compassionate towards animals. We seen him tending to the hurt wing of a young robin . He had a strange understanding with horses and dogs . His love for the stolen horse is seen when he put his arms around its neck while returning it . 

13. How did Aram and Mourad finally preserve the pride of their family ? 

Ans . By returning the horse to its rightful owner , without anyone’s knowledge , Aram and Mourad upheld the pride of their family . Stealing was unimaginable for them and it would have shattered the family reputation.

14. What changes did Byro see in the horse after it was returned ? Why ? 

Ans . Byro found the horse stronger and better tempered than before . This change was possibly due to the love and care of the young boys as well as the regular exercise in the morning without the weight of the carriage .

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