Class 10 History Elective Chapter 5 The United Nations Organization

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Class 10 History Elective Chapter 5 The United Nations Organization The answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters Assam Board HS Class 10 History Elective Chapter 5 The United Nations Organization and select needs one.

Class 10 History Elective Chapter 5 The United Nations Organization

Also, you can read the SCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Class 10 History Elective Chapter 5 The United Nations Organization Solutions for All Subject, You can practice these here…

Q 3. What are the different organs the UNO ?

Ans: Do your self Refer Answer to the QUESTION No. 1(Essay Type Questions).

Q 4. What are the functions of organs of the UNO?

Ans : The functions of the different organs of the UNO are : 

(i) The General Assembly : 

(a) Its main function is to advise security Council on all maters covered in the Charter of the UN.

(b) It also discusses on the reports submitted by other organs and takes dicision on all the matters brought to its notice.

(c) It appoints new members and tge secretary general on the recommendation of the security Council.

(d) It approves the budget of the UNO.

(ii)  The security Council : 

(a) To maintain international peace and security.

(b) remove the sources of disputes or means of friction among ñations.

(c) To suggest various means of settlement of disputes among the nations.

(d) To search out means for disarmament.

(iii) The Economic and social council : 

(a) It studies the problems related to Economic, social, educational, culture, health, scientific and natural causes.

(b) It makes people aware of their rights and duties so that they can enjoy them equality without any hinderances.

(c) It also holds interational seminars and conferences on the issues forwarded by the General Assembly.

(d) It renders service to the member – states in accordance with the principles of the UN Charter and UN approval.

(iv) The Trusteeship council : 

(a) It supervises the administration of Trust Territories.

(b) It accepts and examines the report of the administration of Trust Territories from those countries entrusted with the task of administration of these areas.

(c) The council arranges visit to the areas to find out the real situations.

(d) It presents a report to the general assembly every year.

(v) The Interational court of justice : 

(a) The court can adjudicated matter related to bilateral issues submitted for its decision by any member – State against any member states of the UNO.

(b) The Verdict of the court is binding on all parties / member – States of the UNO.

(c) The Court can adjudicate matter related to issues covered by the charter of the UNO.

(vi) The secretariat : 

(a) The Secretary general is the administrative head of the UNO and has to look after the service of all the organs of the UNO.

(b) He has to attend the session of the general assembly, the security Council, the Economic and social council and the Trusteeship council.

(c) He has to sumit an annual report on the working and Activities of the UN to the UN general assembly.

(d) He has to appoint various officials of the UN and also has to ensure that the UN official act in an impartial manner.

(e) He prepares the UN Budget and gets it approved by the General Assembly.

Sl. No.Contents
Chapter 1Growth of Imperialism and Colonialism
Chapter 2The First World War
Chapter 3The World War Between the Two World Wars: 1919 – 1939
Chapter 4The Second World War
Chapter 5The United Nations Organization
Chapter 6Emergence of Asia and Africa in the Post – Second World war Period
Chapter 7The Non-Aligned Movement
Chapter 8Foreign policy of India

Q 5. Discuss the achievement of the UNO.

Ans :  The establishemeants of the United Nations Organization on 24 October 19545 was the Most lasting and the Most important result of the second world war . Since its formation, it has worked immensely for the maintenance of international peace and security

Following are the main achievement of the UNO: 

(i) It has succeeded ib eastablishing peace in many parts of the world.

(ii) It has succeeded in resolving many of the disputes between the countries through peaceful mean.

(iii) It ha has helped in the production of more Agricultural abs and food products. 

(iv) It has provided the member – states with various technological aids.

(v) It has made the capitalist countries ot invest in the underdeveloped and developing countries 

(vi) It has helped the attainment of independence of the colonized countries.

(vii) It has helped the development of education , science and technology in the world.

(viii) It has helped the invasion of life – saving medicines.

(ix) It has played an important role in the field of welfer of women and child.

(x)  It has helped more than 40 dependent countries to attain Independence.

(xi) It has brought people’s awareness about AIDS, leprosy, tuberculosis, global warming and climate change and the need for remedial measures.

(xii) It has tried to get rid of famines, starvation, Death, malnutrition, poverty, etc 

Q 6. Discuss the cacuse leading to the outbreak of the Korean war.

Ans : The causes leading to the outbreak of the Korea war were : 

(i) korea was annexed by the USA and the Soviet Russia after the second World war. The cold war situation between the USA and the Soviet Russia created a great tension over colonized korea.

(ii) The division of Korea by the USA and the Soviet Russia into south korea and North Korea divided the Korean into two opposite camps.

(iii) The invasion of Soviet Russia domination South Korea by the USA dominated North korea , alarmed the situation of an inevitable war.

(iv) The UNO took stern mesuares to resolve the war-like situation and sent the UN military force to take control of the situation. But, the UN military force was fully dominanted by the USA soldiers. This created a war -like situation in korea.

(v) The UNO by its relentless efforts made Both the USA and Soviet Russia to sign an armistice in July 1953.

Q 7. Give a brief review of the Vietnamese struggle for liberation.

Ans : The Vietnamese struggle for independence was one of the Most heroic struggle for freedom ever fought in the world. Vietnam became a mere pawn on the chessboard for the two superpowers, the USA and the Soviet Russia to play their diplomatic game. Eventually, the people of Vietnam rose up in arms and fought for their freedom.

During the second World war , japan had conquered Vietnam like others ñations of the region.soon after the defeat of f japan , France came back to viatnam and took control of it as it was a Franch colony before the outbreak of the second World war. Soon liberation after the beginning of the war , , the Vietnamese started their liberation struggle first against the Japanese and thereafter against the Franch. The leader of this liberation movement was Ho Chi Minh who organized a liberation movement in my 1941. In September 1941, under his leadership, they declared Vietnam as the ‘ Demoratic republic of Vietnam’ and fromed a new government. 

This movement was mostly look led by the Communists Under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh.

Soon America came to secen as she did not want soviet  union of control the affairs of the Vietnam alone. She instigated cretain groups within the Vietnam to against the Communists leading to a civil war and division of the country into two parts , North vitamin and south Vietnam. South Vietnam came under the influence of the America while North Vietnam cane Under the control of Soviet Russia. 

On the pretext of removing of Communism from North Vietnam , the USA actively supported the efforts of south Vietnam. In fact America particularly Controlled the affairs of south Vietnam. They began to use their military might to get rud of the communist in North Vietnam. But, the Communists supported by Russia and China waged a relentless war against  America and her supporters. For nearly 30 years , America fought against the Communists in North Vietnam but failed in the her attempt to free the country from the Communists. Eventually, America was forced to leave Vietnam in 1973 allowing the people Vietnam to live peacefully.

Q 8 . How did UNO resolve the crisis in the middle East? 

Ans :  The middle East , since the conclusion of the second world war , became a trouble spots in world politics. The region became a disturbed area manily due to the division of Palestine into two countries namely Israel and Palestine. The UNO had taken initiative in forming a separate state for the jews who had no homeland of their own. This act of the UNO was not farvourally looked upon by the Arab nations. 

There fore,  soon after the formation of the new state of Israel on 14 may 1948, a war stared between the  Arab nations and Isreal which resulted in the defeat of the Arab countries.

Gamal Abdel Nasser , the president of Egypt , was the first undisputed leader of Arab nationalism and hie tried to nationalise Suze canal in July,1956 which froced England and France to declare wae on Egypt. Soon Israel too joined the war on the side of the European powers. Under the therat of Russian intervention, the war was brought to a close but the Israel – Palestine problem continued to remain a festering wound. In 1967, a war began between the Arab countries Egypt, Jordan and Syria one side and Israel on the other side over the issue of the closure of the Gulf of Aqaba to Israel shipping. As the War lasted only six days, this war came to be known as the ‘SiX Day War’. During surrounding Arab nations which further intensified the on- going tension between Israel and the Arab nations.

Once again a war started between Egypt and Israel in 1973 upsetting interational peace and tranquility. However Under America pressure, the war was brought to a colse. The Middle East, thus remained for a long time a trouble spot, ready to flare up any time. The UNO could do very little to ease the tension between Israel and the Arab countries. 

The peace of the middle East was distributed by the sudden attack of Iraq on kuwait. Kuwait made a strong protest to the UNO and asked her help in forcing Iraq to withdraw her army from Kuwait. Since Iraq refugsed to obey the UN request to Withdraw from Kuwait, it Organized a UN sponsored invasion of Iraq forcing Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait. 

But, unfortunately the USA during the gulf war converted the security Council or the UNO to Suit her whims and fancy. This has belittled the importance of UNO in the recent times. Thus, we can see that UNO intervened several times in the middle East crisis but crisis has not been fully solved mainly due to the American support of Israel.

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